Departing from Uncanny

Yesterday the second half of my final issue as Uncanny Magazine‘s managing and poetry editor came out online. I wrote the attached post about it. I don’t want to repeat myself too much—the blog post on the Uncanny site is already 1000 words worth of what I wanted to say about what working at Uncanny‘s meant to me—but, simultaneously, I could write a whole book and still not fully express the importance Uncanny‘s had to my life. In summary, though: it’s been wonderful, and I truly couldn’t have asked for better teammates and mentors in Lynne and Michael, and the whole team, alumni and ongoing. I’m so, so proud of the work we’ve all done together, of our writers and artists and readers, and i’m so excited for Uncanny‘s future! Also: please join me in congratulating new (and fantastic!) managing editor Monte Lin and assistant editor Tania Chen, who have been and continue to do spectacular work!

And as for my post-Uncanny plans: I’ll get some rest, and work on my slow-going novel, all the while carrying forward all that I’ve learned at Uncanny, in gratitude and delight. 🦄💜

(My First) Eligibility Post, for 2018!

Hello hello! This is my first official eligibility post outside of Twitter. It’s brief:

  • Toothsome Things (short story) in Strange Horizons. It’s about wolves, were(n’t)wolves, wrath, lies, and fairytales, was one of the most ambitious things I’ve ever written, and my first pro sale!

  • Uncanny Magazinewith whom I get to work (!!!), is eligible for Best Semiprozine Hugo Award and more!

I’d be super thankful if you keep me and Uncanny in consideration as we move forward into awards season, and I appreciate your time in reflecting on all the amazing work 2018 has brought us all! Happy reading ❤